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Sell Our Video Production & Marketing Services And Make 25% Commission Per Sale!



Can you sell?


We're looking for self-motivated and determined people of all ages and backgrounds, who are able to promote our video production and marketing services to small businesses.


You could operate within your own local area, your regional area or even at a national level. You choose your own hours and work full-time, part-time or casual. It's up to you. You just need the drive and ambition to make sales.


The services we offer are needed by all types of small businesses all over the country... only many of them don't know that yet. So, that's where you come in.


Your job will be to introduce these potential business clients to our services and inform them of the benefits of having a marketing or promotional video.


It's not difficult to do this because the benefits to the business are huge and our prices are very competitive!


You will need to famiarise yourself with our offers, our production techniques and our marketing services. And that's easy too. Just go to our website and read everything, especially the FAQs. Then if you have any questions... just contact us and ask... simple!


We'll do all we can to help you make easy money from operating your own marketing business, but there are a few rules that you must adhere to. We are an ethical and highly respected company and we do things in a certain way. For example...


1. You CANNOT spam business prospects with spammy emails. That means you CAN introduce yourself by email and explain about the service you are offering them but you CANNOT just blast out emails and hope that someone will respond. We will simply disassociate ourselves from anyone who does this.


2. You CANNOT make any claims about our marketing videos other than what is already on our website. So that means you CAN say there is a good chance that their new video will get ranked in the Google search pages and could even get a position on page one. You CANNOT say we can guarantee you a position on page one of Google and that's because some highly competitive keywords in very competitive markets are difficult to rank. For example, gaming and gambling etc.


3. We prefer our sales people to be honest and upfront with our clients, simply explaining the benefits of the video offers, the price etc. There is no need for a hard sell approach or continuous badgering. The service we offer speaks for itself.


4. You must reside in the UK or Ireland and you must be able to communicate effectively in English. That means English must be your first language. (This service also operates in the US but we have a different marketing team there).


5. You will get unlimited support. We will help and advise you in any way we can because if you're successful then so are we.


And that's about it really... think you can handle it?


Okay here's how we work with our freelance sales people.


When you register with us as a sales agent you must realise that you are self-employed. That means we don't pay you holiday pay or sick pay or anything else other than commissions for sales.


Customers are required to pay for orders upfront. Price a standard 2-3 minute marketing video at £199.00 and the customer/client will pay for their order by *PayPal. We will set up a special page for you so that you can take their payments. Once they have made a payment you will need to get some information from them. We'll give you a checklist to work from. It's just basically some business information and contact details together with selecting either a male or female voiceover, and they can tell you what features they want to highlight in the video. Also if they have any photos they would like to use.


* We will create a PayPal payment page for you to use so that we can track your sales and pay you commissions.


Once the payment has been received from the customer, we take over from you. We will contact the customer to ensure we have all their details and to confirm exactly what they want to see in the video. We will deal with all enquiries from the customer from that point onwards.


We will also acknowledge the lead from you and a pending 25% credit will be held in your account with us. Once the client has approved the voiceover script, which can take up to 3 days, the video production can begin and then there is no going back for the client at this point. This is when we will release the commission payment to you.

You get paid on a confirmed order!


You will be paid by PayPal or by direct bank transfer, whichever you prefer.


If you're interested or if you have any questions about becoming an independent sales agent for BusyVids then contact us.

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