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Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: Why are your video services so inexpensive compared to others?
A: Some other companies have to come to your work premises with shed loads of filming and sound equipment. We don't! We can screen capture your existing website, create a slide show or create any other type of video using our specialist software programs. This is all carried out in our studio, so we have fewer overheads than our competitors. The savings are passed on to you... our clients
Q: How long will my video be?
A: Promotional type videos are usually 1-2 minutes long. Most people's attention span only lasts this long. Tutorials and explainers can be longer. Intros are generally about 10-20 seconds long.
Q: Do I have any options for the voice-over?
A: Yes. When you place your order you can choose Male UK, Male US, Female UK and Female US voices. (Please note that due to availability, actual voice-over professionals may not be the same person each time.)
Q: Do I have any choice in selecting the backing track?
A: Only if you provide your own licensed backing track. As you might imagine we have many hundreds of sound tracks and if we allowed our customers to choose one it could take many weeks before we progressed. We will generally select a suitable sound track based on your video content.
Q: How long does it take to produce the video?
A: Although production times can vary according to our workload, we do try our level best to complete all projects within 5-7 days. If we think it might take longer then we would notify you in advance.
Q: Can we use our video on other video sharing websites?
A: Yes of course. We will upload the video to Youtube for you and you will receive the actual video file (mp4), so you can do with it exactly as you wish. It will be your property and you will own all rights to it but the voice-over is for web use only.
Q: Do you keep copies of the videos in case I lose my video file?
A: Yes, we keep records of all video files so if you lose your files due to hard drive failure etc, contact us and we'll send you a replacement free of charge.
Q: Do you offer any other video services?
A: Yes. We can create 3D HD videos, video tutorials, whiteboard explainer videos, intros, animated videos, ads, presentations, announcements and well... just about anything.
Q: Can I use my own script, or my own voice-over or backing track?
A: Yes. Just send us the files and we'll use them in your video production. But sorry, we don't offer discounts for using your own files.
Q: Can you guarantee that I will make more sales of my products?
A: No, of course not. Nobody can guarantee increased sales of products or services with any form of advertising. However, by having a video to promote your services you will be reaching out to a much larger audience and therefore you will have the opportunity of generating more leads and sales.
Q: What format is the finished video created in?
A: The video is created in mp4 HD format and is suitable for all web use.
Q: Can you guarantee my video will get to the number 1 position on YouTube?
A: No. We cannot 100% guarantee this because it depends on your market. For example if you wanted us to create a video promoting a rock band, it would have millions of competing videos on YouTube already. However, we can get your video very high in the rankings on both YouTube and in Google Video Search.
Q: Can you create videos for customers from anywhere in the world?
A: Yes. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, just as long as you want the voice-over in English. (Just place your order and PayPal will convert your payment to your own currency).
Q: I already have a YouTube channel, can I have my video uploaded to it?
A: Yes. Just let us know your YouTube login details when you place your order. *If we upload your video to your own YouTube channel, it's very important that you do not alter the description or keyword tags. If you do, the video's performance could be put at serious risk and we can not be held responsible for this.
Q: Why is my payment to Anglox Publications?
A: BusyVids is owned by Anglox Publications, which is owned by Bill Knight.
Q: Does your company offer any other types of marketing services?
A: Yes. We have a team of professional copywriters, internet marketers, web and graphic design experts and SEO professionals, who can create all manner of products and services. For example: sales letters and web content, ebooks, web and graphic design, articles and press releases, web page script installation and much, much more including a copywriting course. Just ask us about anything web related and we will be able to help.
Q: Is there anything you will not create on video?
A: Yes. We won't do pornography, obscenity, anything that incites hatred, violence or anything else we deem to be unsavoury or offensive in any way. We reserve the right to refuse to work on any project. We are a respectable business so please keep it clean and legal.
Q: My video only got 300 views in 30 days. Is that it?
A: No. Quite often YouTube freezes the video view count and checks that they are all legit and not from some spambot, or someone continuously clicking on their own video link. This can happen within the 300 views range. All new views received during the stop-count period will be credited after the check. The counter always restarts eventually.
Q: Do you have any copyright or production rights over my video?
A: No. You will be the video owner but we do reserve limited rights to use the video for our own marketing and demonstration purposes on this website only. This can only be of benefit for you because your video will get even more free exposure.
Q: I run a very small local business, how is a video going to help me?
A: If you operate a small local business then you are better placed to get a high ranking in Youtube and Google because there will be virtually no competition. Remember the sole object of having a video created and uploaded to the video sharing websites, is to make people aware of your services, whether they are local, regional, national or international. Unlike placing an ad in the Yellow Pages, a newspaper or a magazine, your video ad can stay around for years and gets more attention the longer it's available for view. Any video on YouTube can also be picked up and used by others on their websites. This can create a viral marketing effect, which results in lots of free publicity and exposure for your website.
Q: I can just make my own video and post it to YouTube so why should I use your service?
A: Of course you could just make your own video and submit it to YouTube but because of what we know about SEO and video rank you won't get the same results as our videos. We have worked out what algorithms are used to link YouTube to the Google search engine.
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