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Video Production Company Courts Corporate Business


The small business video production and marketing company, BusyVids has launched a new website aimed at the corporate market. The new service offers companies a hands-off approach to their video marketing, as BusyVids will manage all productions and marketing on a regular no commitment monthly basis.


The concept is to free up precious time that corporate marketing managers spend on their video marketing efforts, instead leaving it to a professional company to manage a full video marketing campaign for them. This new service is more of a further expansion for BusyVids, who still specialise in the production of marketing videos for small business owners. Their busyvids.co.uk website is aimed at the smaller business, whereas their new flagship website, busyvids.com is now targeting the upper areas of the market.


In a recent statement, Managing Director, Bill Knight said, "BusyVids continues to grow as a company and therefore needs to offer a wide range of video services to all areas of business from the sole trader to the multi-national enterprise. Our new .com website simply aims to cater for the needs of all businesses, and this must include video marketing campaign management services"


He added, "We have recently partnered with several production professionals to ensure we can create and deliver a wide range of exceptional video productions and market them to a highly targeted audience. We believe video is the best way forward for all advertising online and that includes all social media marketing, where video advertising is proving to be dominant and the most effective."


The company now offers businesses of all sizes, whether located locally, regionally or nationally, an opportunity to target their ideal customers with any type of product or service through the power of video marketing.


For more information visit the new website at: www.busyvids.com


Small Business Video Production Company Continues To Grow


The small business video production and marketing company, BusyVids, has announced plans to further expand its operations throughout the UK. With continued interest in video marketing from the small business sector, the company is looking to recruit "an army" of self-employed sales people.

The new sales force will target local small businesses within their own home locations, building a loyal database of local clients. Each sales person will be allocated an area approximately 20-30 miles radius of their home base, and renumeration will be based on commission only. However, the company has said they will pay generous commissions on each confirmed order, as explained by Managing Director Bill Knight.

"We are recruiting self-employed sales people to work their own areas, build relationships with local businesses and earn a very good living from helping small businesses within their community", he said. "We have realised that we cannot possibly get our message out to the many thousands of small businesses who operate locally, without the help of local sales people", he added.

Busyvids has grown exponentially since its launch back in April 2012, and its continued growth is testimony to the success of video marketing generally, as it gradually replaces traditional forms of advertising. Video is now considered to be highly valued in terms of website content, by Google and the other major seach engines, and is proved to help with ranking.

For more information about sales opportunities with BusyVids, telephone 01275 837 577

To learn more about BusyVids and their range of services visit their website at: www.busyvids.co.uk


Video Production Company Sides With Small UK Businesses


Video has really taken off in the past few years and has captured the imagination of many small business owners as a means to highlight their products and services into the marketplace. Many large companies agree that video is by far the best marketing method for promoting their products and services and also helps to increase page rank for their websites. Video is valuable content... period!

The small business video production company, BusyVids, has led the way for the sole trader and smaller business owner because they offer a service designed especially for Youtube. As many people are now are searching Youtube for videos on subjects they are interested in, including products and services, BusyVids is providing these hungry watchers with an array of video content.

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, whilst shoppers who view video are more likely to purchase than non-viewers. Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. Also, mobile video plays exceeded 44% -- up 74% from 2014 and up a whopping 844% since 2012

BusyVids MD, Bill Knight, says, "There's no doubt whatsoever that video is by far the best way to get any kind of marketing message across to potential customers, regardless of the type of business." He added, video is perfect for targeting local, regional and national markets because many people want to buy local products and services."

BusyVids caters for all types of small business by creating bespoke videos with professionally recorded voiceovers and fully licensed soundtracks. Prices are kept deliberately low to help small businesses get a foothold amongst all the competition. Many videos created by the company get very high rankings in Youtube due to their full compliance with Google's video algorithms.

Small businesses all over the UK are expected to use video in their marketing during 2016 and beyond with very few exceptions, according to BusyVids marketing manager Tom Churchill. In a recent statement he said, "Our research indicates a massive switch to video from traditional text advertising and we are 100% confident this trend will continue year on year."

For further information about all the services provided by BusyVids, visit their website at: www.busyvids.co.uk


Video Production & Marketing Services For Small Business


Busyvids is still the small business owner's choice when it comes to quality videos at very affordable prices, and with video becoming the fastest way to promote products and services it's not surprising. The video production and marketing company can create an impressive 1 minute video production and upload it to Youtube for just £99 all in.

Many other video companies would struggle to compete especially as the service offered by Busyvids includes a fully optimised video that brings traffic to your website and helps get your products or servces launched into a massive worldwide marketplace. Managing director and professional copywriter Bill Knight said, "The Busyvids service is simply there to help small businesses promote their wares on Youtube, and because Youtube is a video seach engine it can be accessed from anywhere and from any PC or mobile device."

He added, "Youtube is a source of free traffic, which has an ever-increasing hunger for video content. It just cannot be ignored and it's there to be taken advantage of. We help businesses by giving them a presence and a platform, on which they can tell the world or just their local community about what they offer."

Busyvids creates all types of videos for any type of business regardless of what they sell or who their market is. Each video includes a professionally recorded voiceover and soundtrack. More elaborate videos can include a live presenter. All work is carried out at their Bristol, UK studios and all correspondence is by email or telephone, so there's no need to give up any time in meetings.

For more information about the services offered by Busyvids and to view examples of their work, visit their website at: www.busyvids.co.uk


Small Video Production Company Unveils Its Latest Offering


The low cost video production and marketing company, Busyvids, has added yet a further dimension to its ever growing repertoire of video styles and formats. To promote its latest offering, it has created a 20 minute demonstration video consisting of a huge range of product and corporate presentations, all rolled into one. The aim of the promo video is to showcase the company’s expertise in producing Powerpoint presentations to a very high level of standard.

Anyone who has ever created any serious Powerpoint presentations, complete with a series of effects and transitions, will know only too well how complex and time-consuming this work can be. Busyvids has once again shown its versatility in the video production market by unashamedly creating a fascinating array of charts and image holders in its latest offering.

Busyvids first emerged onto the video production scene in April 2012, offering low-cost marketing videos to all types of small businesses all over the country. It has since grown at a tremendous rate but still offers a personal service headed by managing director and top UK copywriter Bill Knight. In a recent interview Bill Knight said, “Working with small business is and always will be our primary objective. Our initial mission was to offer small business owners the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the market via the medium of video, at the lowest possible cost and this will never change.”

He Added, “However, we have recognised a need for speciality video presentations, especially in the medium sized corporate business arena. There is also a need for small businesses and non-profit organisations to produce presentations to aid funding and business loan applications, which our new service can now address. In fact the new service range is so flexible and customisable, it can be tailored to suit just about any type of presentation requirement.”

Prices for the new service start from as little as £99 for a 60 second production, which can include a soundtrack and a professional voiceover if required. For further information about all the types of video productions on offer at low-cost prices, visit the company website at: www.busyvids.co.uk


Low Cost Video Offers From Custom Video Production Company


Busyvids, the custom video production and marketing company, are offering a series of low cost video productions to coincide with the small business sector's seasonal marketing efforts. It has almost become customary now for small businesses to display a seasonal greetings message on their websites, acknowledging customers for their support and loyalty throughout the year.

Busyvids are currently offering a 30 second production complete with a seasonal background and backing track, which allows clients to have their custom message displayed on the screen. They have 4 different displays on offer but apparently there are no end to the number of options available. Busyvids' managing director, Bill Knight explains, "Many small businesses like to thank their clients for supporting their business throughout and the year and what better way than to have seasonal video on their websites displaying a message of thanks? We are offering to create these 30 second specials for just £50 and we also upload them to Youtube."

He added, "We already create 60 second promotional videos for our clients for under £100 and thought it would a good idea to create an even less expensive video offer. Of course clients can have just about any type of video they want from whiteboard explainers to a full 10 minute tutorial but we are always looking to expand our range, so there really is no limits."

Busyvids has been creating promotional and marketing videos for 4 years and specialise in creating low cost productions for small business owners all over the UK. All the work is carried out remotely at the company's studios in Bristol so there is no need to arrange site visits or give up any valuable time. All communications are carried out by phone and... or... email.

To learn more about the vast range of low cost video options on offer visist their website at: www.busyvids.co.uk


Local Video Advertising Set To Explode


BusyVids, the small business video production company is leading the way, and showing the way for small businesses in how to target their local markets. The company specialises in creating low-cost but highly effective videos to help businesses showcase their products and services all over the internet, via Youtube and several other video sharing platforms.

BusyVids managing director, Bill Knight said, "Video is huge on the internet but many small businesses who trade locally or companies who target specific locations have yet to understand the full benefits of video marketing or the impact it can have. It's because of this we have decided to offer local small business owners a taster by way of an entry level video at a reduced cost."

He added, "Once business owners can see how effective a marketing video is, and will continue to be for many months or even years into the future, they soon realise that video represents unbeatable value and gives them a formidable internet presence. Our initial findings would suggest that local video advertiisng is now set to explode all over the internet."

The popularity of video marketing continues to grow at a breath-taking rate and is now widely accepted amongst the large national companies, many of whom have diverted much of their TV advertising budgets to Internet video. Social media, such as Youtube and Facebook, are helping to spread the word about this highly engaging medium, as general viewing rates rise at a phenomenal rate. BusyVids works with companies of all sizes and offers several production options, without having to visit their clients and without the overheads of larger video producers.

To find out more about BusyVids, their various video options and their special low-cost entry level video offer for small local businesses, visit their website at: www.busyvids.co.uk or call them on 01275 837577


The Small Business Owners Answer To Cost Effective Online Video Marketing


“Busyvids is one the fastest growing video marketing companies in the country and offers businesses of all sizes, regardless of their location, a fair crack at reaching out to their specific target market audience”, says Bill Knight Managing Director of the video production company.

In a recent statement he also said, “Online video is fast becoming the number one choice of Internet marketers all over the world and with good reason. Video converts better than any other media because video is simply so engaging. We have all become accustomed to watching advertising on TV and so it’s no surprise that video works so well.”

2015 has seen an explosion in video advertising both on-page and on the video sharing platforms. Stats produced for 2015 make very interesting reading:

Published Video Stats For 2015

1. 59% of viewers will watch a video to completion if it is less than one minute long. (Source: Wistia)

2. 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. (Source: Invodo)

3. 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s website after watching a marketing video and 39% have called a vendor after watching a video. (Source: Forbes)

4. 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. (Source: MarketingProfs)

5. When marketers included a video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% – 300%. (Source: Forrester)

6. The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. (Source: Mist Media)

7. 300 hours of video footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute. (Source: YouTube)

8. 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. (Source: comScore)

9. Visitors who view videos stay on websites an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos. (Source: comScore)

10. 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page. (Source: Forbes Insight)

11. Homepage videos are shown to increase conversion rates by at least 20%. (Source: ReelSEO)

12. Using video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. (Source: Unbounce)

13. Mobile devices account for almost 40% of global watch time on YouTube. (Source: YouTube)

14. 1.8 Million Words is the value of one minute of video. (Quote Source: Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester)

15. Only 24% of brands are using online video to market to consumers. (Source: Kantar Media)

Marketing products and services with video has huge potential and surprisingly, video production services cost a lot less than many website owners might think. Busyvids offer a one-minute production complete with professional voiceover and licensed backing track for just £99.00. They will also upload the final video file to Youtube and all the main video sharing platforms at no additional cost.

For more information about Busyvids and their range of video production and marketing services, visit their website at: www.busyvids.co.uk


Video Marketing Is Getting Serious


The use of video to promote business products and services online has risen sharply over the past few years with 2015 already proving to be a record year. The rapid growth in video, as a means of digital content marketing, is down to the fact that more and more peole are watching video on their PCs... and more importantly on their mobile devices.

It is estimated that 78 per cent of all internet users are watching videos at least once per week, with many sharing their favourite videos with others, effectively creating a viral effect. Consumer video traffic is rising exponentially with 69 percent of marketing, sales and business professionals now actively using video marketing with another 31 percent planning to in the near future. A recent survey suggests that 96 percent of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing in the next year.

Busyvids, the online video production company has been at the forefront of video prodution since 2010. Their low cost video options make it very affordable for small businesses to impact on the video promotion scene, allowing them to get ther products and services right in front of their target market audience. Busyvids Managing Director Bill Knight said, "Video is fast replacing all other types of online advertising and marketing, especially written ads and banners", He added, "Busyvids now offer their clients numerous types of video productions complete with professional voiceovers and backing tracks, yet we are still able to keep costs well below that of our competitors."

Video is currently responsible for generating up to 56% of all consumer internet traffic and experts belive the trend will continue, reaching around 79% by 2018. Youtube is by far the biggest host of online video but there are also many other video platforms such as Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion. Many website owners have come to realise that video content on their websites is far more engaging than text and also helps with SEO and traffic generation and retention.

For more information about low cost video options for all types of businesses, products and services, visit www.busyvids.co.uk

Youtube Videos For Small Business - Production & Marketing Services

The small business Youtube video production & marketing specialists, BusyVids, have added yet another new video service to their ever-growing range. The company has announced it will be offering video productions created with Adobe After Effects software. These videos will mainly consist of "Kinetic Typography", which is high resolution moving text.

The company already creates online videos for Youtube with Camtasia Studio, Sparkol Video Scribe and Powerpoint together with 3D HD creation software. In a recent statement, managing director Bill Knight explained, "It has always been our intention to drive the BusyVids brand towards offering a total all-round online video production service. This means we are prepared to create any type of video the customer wants, as long as it doesn't involve leaving the studio."

He added, "To keep costs down and to continue to appeal to the smaller business we're not ever likely to offer location shoots, which involve expensive film crews and equipment. If it can be created with any kind of software in a studio then we will do it."

Busyvids currently create and upload all their client's videos to Youtube and a few other main video platforms and then market them so that they receive targetted traffic. This is a unique service, which has helped the company gain recognition and aided their continuous growth within the UK small business sector.

It seems hardly a month goes by without the company announcing a brand new service or an addition to an existing service. Small business video production and marketing is obviously going from strength to strength.

For further details visit their UK website at: www.busyvids.co.uk 
Online Video Production & Marketing Company Working With Small Local Businesses
The small business video production & marketing company, Busyvids, is extending its operations by reaching out to small local businesses. Any small business owner from corner shops to local tradesmen can now join in the video marketing boom by targeting their local areas only.

The new service, which is called "VidsLocal" is aimed at attracting small local businesses and highlighting their products, services, opening times, location and in some cases any special offers. The videos will be created in-studio using photos and website screen captures alongside whiteboard animations. They are then uploaded to Youtube and other video platforms with specific keywords targeted at local communities.

The idea is the brainchild of BusyVids' production manager Tom Churchill who has been looking at ways to increase business for local traders against the ever-growing threat from out-of-town shopping, national retailers and online shopping.

In a recent statement Mr Churchill said, "In terms of marketing, everyone seems to be focusing on big companies with big budgets, which leaves the little guy on a slippery downward spiral. All local businesses need our support and we're doing our best to help them with their local advertising. What we are hoping to achieve is to help these small local businesses get a foothold by giving them a visual internet presence. They don't even need to have a website as we can simply create whiteboard animated videos with their contact and location details on display."

The service has been quietly tested for the past 4 months and only now has it been officially announced after some very encouraging results and feedback.

For more information about the VidsLocal service from BusyVids visit their website at www.busyvids.co.uk or call them directly on 01275 837 577
Video Marketing Company Rolls Out Unique YouTube Ranking Service
The small business video marketing company, BusyVids, has announced a brand new service, which offers to create marketing videos for its clients and get them ranked in YouTube's top 10 positions within 72 hours.

In a recent statement BusyVids Managing Director, Bill Knight said, "We have been producing marketing videos for our clients for more than 2 years now and our keyword targeting methods have proved very effective in ranking our videos high in YouTube very quickly. Of course our ultimate goal is always to get them ranked in Google's search pages, which can and often does take a little longer."

He added, "More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month (Source: http://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html), and so this is a huge potential market that cannot be ignored. Many people now use YouTube to search for videos relating to products and services they want to buy, making YouTube the second biggest search engine on the planet."

BusyVids comprises a young, dynamic and highly motivated team of enthusiastic video marketers, each an expert in their field. The company is part of the larger Anglox Group, which includes Knight-Writer Copywriting Services, Anglox Web Design, Classic Video Intros and Video Resurrection Services. It also includes the sub company VidsLocal.
The new service, which was announced on Thursday 19th June, will apply to all types of new marketing video productions.

For more information about their unique range of video marketing services, visit their UK website at: www.busyvids.co.uk
The ad as referenced above:
That's absolutely right!

We can create a marketing video for you and upload it to Youtube. And we guarantee that within 72 hours of it being uploaded, it will rank within the top 10 position on Youtube for your selected keywords.

In fact more than 90% of the videos we produce for our clients get into Google's search pages, with many getting a top 10 position on the coveted page 1. That's the Holy Grail of internet marketing. And some people would kill to get a presence on page 1 for their keywords, well perhaps not literally.

Okay, here's the deal...

1. We will create a marketing video for you based on a screen capture of your website, or with photos, or a whiteboard explainer, Powerpoint, or a handscribe video or by using our 3D HD software. You could even have a mix of some or all of these options.

2. Then we will write a voiceover script based on your business products or services and the benefits of what you offer. You will get a copy of the script for your approval, which you can edit if you want to.

3. Next, one of our professional voiceover specialists will record the script using studio quality recording equipment.

4. We will create the video content and add the script plus add a suitable audio backing track. You will get a copy of the mp4 file.

5. We will then upload the video to one of our Youtube channels or to your own channel. We will also add a keyword-rich Title, Description and Keyword tags to the video.

6. We will also upload the video to Metacafe and Dailymotion, which are two other important video sharing platforms.

7. Next, we will add the video to our unique marketing system, which will drive traffic to it. (We can guarantee your video will get at least 1000 views in its first 30 days.)

So even when we get your video ranked in the top 10 position in Youtube for your selected keywords within 72 hours, we will continue to market the video so that it has a better chance of getting a Google page position soon after that.

And the cost for this amazing service?

Just £149.00

A top 10 position in Youtube within 72 hours or your money back guaranteed... and you still get to keep the video whatever the outcome.

You heard it here first!

Contact me for more details. Bill Knight on 01275 837 577 or visit my website here: www.BusyVids.co.uk
Free Web Traffic And Higher Search Engine Ranking
It’s what every company, every business owner and every entrepreneur who is promoting any kind of product or service on the Internet wants.
Now there are all kinds of dodgy scams and unscrupulous characters online, all promising to get you hordes of traffic. And although it all sounds very tempting, before you part with any of your hard-earned cash, just stop for a moment and think about it.
If someone tells you they can send 100,000 visitors to your website within 10 days for just $50, can they really do it? Well, you might be surprised to learn that in some cases the answer is yes. But what’s the use in getting 100,000 visitors to your website if they don’t buy anything or don’t even subscribe to your free offers and newsletters?
This kind of traffic is totally useless. It’s usually generated from India, China or Russia as part of a “credits for surfing” scheme. People sign up to earn credits that they can redeem for traffic to their websites and in return they have to sit and watch other websites opening in their browsers. It’s just a kind of merry-go-round and is absolutely worthless.
Worst still are the automatic bots that clock up page views, which are then stored and sold on to unsuspecting customers. Again totally useless and worthless, unless you just want to send your hit counter into a spinning frenzy… for fun.
But such is the desperate want and need for traffic, people will keep paying for these services until they realise that they are just what they are.
Now we all know that if you can drive quality traffic to your website then you can get the sales and subscribers that you want. And the more traffic you get to your site then the more sales and subscribers you will get. It’s simply a numbers game.
Okay so everyone knows this already. And we also know that there are 2 main ways to do this. 1. You can pay for it using banners, ads or Pay Per Click, and 2. You can work on getting your website up the rankings on Google. Now the first method can be expensive and the second method could take an age and many months of laborious work.
So, are there any alternatives? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there are. And what’s more… They are free. Here are just two of these techniques that you can put to work right away.
  1. Create PowerPoint side presentations. Simply create a presentation of your products or services in PowerPoint and upload to slideshare.com. I would recommend that you don’t use more than 10 slides in any one presentation, and that you do use some nice graphics.
And instead of blatant advertising, try to make your presentation look a bit “educational” and include a live link back to your website. (Note: You can put hyperlinks in PowerPoint slides). The result will be targeted traffic to your website. Okay you won’t get a gush of traffic but you will get a steady stream. And most importantly it’s free.
  1. This next method is a real barnstormer. Effectively it’s a back door, under the radar method to getting free web traffic and higher rankings on Google. It’s video marketing.
Everyone loves video. Video is everywhere on the Internet and the biggest video sharing website is YouTube. Now Google owns YouTube. It paid $1.65 billion for it and why? Because owning YouTube makes Google a Super Search Engine. Google are monetizing YouTube just as they did with web page search.
Right now you can get your video to the top of the search results in YouTube if you pay. Now what’s extremely important about that statement is… “top of the search results”. That’s right! YouTube is a search engine… for videos. And this is where you can tap into its awesome power.
Simply create a short video about your product or service and make sure that your website URL is clearly visible. Your video should not be more than 3 minutes long and ideally should have a voiceover or a soundtrack. Make sure you write up a good description and include all relevant keywords. You can also include a link to your website in the description. Then add your keywords and upload.
Next, promote your video on Twitter, Facebook and all the other video sharing websites. The result will be a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website, and because Google owns YouTube your website will be looked on very favourably by Google. They will see that you are providing video content for your website.
Free web traffic and higher search engine ranking. It’s yours for the taking. Busyvids.co.uk
Is It Really Possible To Get Free Website Traffic? It Would Appear So With This New Video Service.
A new “entry level” video marketing service for small UK businesses is receiving positive feedback from many small business owners. Not least because this particular strategy is capable of generating free web traffic.
A brand new “entry level” video marketing service for small UK businesses was launched just days ago and is already receiving rave reviews from many small business owners. This particular marketing strategy is capable of generating free web traffic from YouTube and helps to get business websites right up into the Google search results for video search.
Video is becoming increasingly important as a vehicle for delivering sales messages, with more than 92 billion video page views each month on YouTube alone.
Video is also widely accepted as an ideal channel for social marketing, with businesses now able to tap into the endless stream of online prospects that regularly login to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
BusyVids managing director, Bill Knight said, “With any form of advertising, a business needs to get its sales message right in front of the masses. It’s simply a numbers game, so you have to go where people congregate in very large numbers”
The service is being offered to individual UK business owners, SME’s and entrepreneurs, and is the brainchild of internet marketing and publishing company, Anglox Media.
A dedicated website has been set up to provide all the relevant information, and which also has video demonstrations and examples of videos that have already been created.
At Last! A Business Advertising Method That Works Better Than Anything Else On The Internet
Every business with a website needs to promote their websites so their customers can find out more about their products and services. If you’re in business you know this already but because your website isn’t showing on the first page of Google for any search terms related to your business, how is anyone ever going to find you?
You could advertise with Google’s pay per click program, you could advertise on Facebook or you could have a banner ad campaign set up. They’re all very costly and results can be a bit hit or miss. So what’s the alternative?
The only real alternative is the one that attracts 3 billion views a day, and is preferred by your customers over any other type of advertising. It’s video. Video advertising results in more views, more actions and more sales. Now, Youtube is the biggest video sharing website on the Internet and is owned by Google. It’s also the second biggest search engine.
More and more people are using Youtube to search for products and services than ever before, and why? Because with video your products can be demonstrated and your services can be shown directly to your market audience. It’s a fact! People would much rather watch a 2 minute video than read pages and pages of information.
However, unless you create your own video, having a video production company visit your premises to film you can be very expensive. Costs can generally run into the thousands for this service. And as every business wants to spend less and get more, there has to be another way around this. Well, there is…
Now your website has all the information that you want to share with your prospective customers so all that’s needed is to showcase your website… on video. There’s no need for anyone to visit your premises, interview you, take photos or film footage or take up any of your valuable time.
Because your website will be the main feature of your advertising video we can create a valuable asset for you… remotely.
All you have to do is let us know if you want to highlight any particular product, service or aspect of your business and leave the rest to us. We will screen-cast your website and write a script based on your website’s content. One of our professional voiceover specialists will then read and record the script and we’ll also add an audio backing track. We’ll then upload your video to Youtube, Dailymotion and Metacafe and we’ll drive traffic to your video so it climbs the search engines.
Your video will get ranked high in Youtube and could even get ranked high in the Google search engine. Some of our videos have been ranked on the first page of Google for specific keyword phrases. So if you want your business to get noticed you need a video that promotes your products, promotes your services and helps build your brand.
Our marketing videos are the most cost effective means of advertising anywhere on the Internet. Your competitors will know about this very soon but if you take action now you could dominate your market and leave them in your wake. It's your choice.
New Marketing System Generates Free Website Traffic To Any Website
A brand new video marketing service, capable of generating free website traffic, was launched just weeks ago and is already receiving rave reviews from many small business owners. This particular marketing service, based on viral video marketing, is more than capable of generating free website traffic from YouTube and helps to get business websites right up into Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.
Video is becoming increasingly important as a vehicle for delivering sales messages, with more than 92 billion video page views each month on YouTube alone. However, this new service taps into a hidden loophole, which sends free website traffic from the video sharing sites to all the main search engines. Specific websites can then be targeted for higher ranking.
Video is also widely accepted as the preferred channel for social marketing, with businesses now able to tap into the endless stream of online prospects that regularly login to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
BusyVids managing director, Bill Knight said, “With any form of advertising, a business needs to get its sales message right in front of the masses. It’s simply a numbers game, so you have to go where people congregate in very large numbers”
The service is being offered to individual business owners, SME’s and entrepreneurs, and is the brainchild of internet marketing and publishing company, Anglox Media.
A dedicated website has been set up to provide all the relevant information, and which also has video demonstrations and examples of videos that have already been created.
Anglox Media is a subsidiary of Anglox Publications Ltd, which includes the very successful copywriting, web and graphic design section of the business.
Breaking News! New Small Business Video Marketing Service Goes Global
A new video marketing service, capable of generating free website traffic, has just been simultaneously launched in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The video marketing service, currently being offered by BusyVids, has already received rave reviews from many small business owners in the UK, where it was first launched in April of last year.
This particular video marketing service is more than capable of generating free website traffic from Youtube and helps to get business websites right up into Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Many of these small business marketing videos are now residing on the first page of Google for their selected keyword phrases
Video is becoming increasingly important for business, as a means of delivering sales messages, with more than 92 billion video page views each month on Youtube alone. However, this new video service taps into a hidden loophole, which sends free targeted traffic from the video sharing sites directly to the small business owner’s video.
Once there the video is designed to drive traffic to the business owner’s website. This targeted traffic then helps the video to rank in the search engines, moving it higher in the search engines as it generates more traffic. And so the process goes on creating a continuous loop of free highly targeted traffic.
Almost all of the videos get to the top of Youtube within 2 or 3 days, and then show in the Google Video search results a few days later, and eventually climb up the general search results. Many of these unique videos have made it into the first page of Google within 24 hours. Some of the videos go viral after a couple of weeks generating even more views and free traffic. It’s an ingenious idea and obviously works extremely well.
Video is the perfect media for getting a marketing message right in front of the customer. Video is also readily accepted by Internet users worldwide, and fits in nicely with social networking sites like Facebook. It’s also perfect for raising brand awareness and for developing a loyal customer database, as many people will actively seek out videos on just about any subject of interest.
This insatiable appetite for online video shows no signs of slowing down any day soon. In fact all indicators suggest it is getting more and more popular with advertisers and consumers every day.
BusyVids managing director, Bill Knight said, “A business needs to get its sales message, or in this case its website, right in front of people who actually want to see it. It’s more than simply a numbers game, but you do have to go where people congregate in very large numbers or where people will instantly find you. That means Youtube, Facebook and the search engines, especially Google. The videos we create for our clients tick all the boxes. It’s the best form of free advertising anywhere on the Internet.”
The BusyVids video marketing service is currently being offered as a special low-cost advertising option, and is only available to individual business owners, SME’s and entrepreneurs.
Affordable Video Advertising For Small Businesses
It appears many small business owners are still reluctant to step into the exciting world of video advertising and the reasons, which are quietly proliferating around the internet, are totally unfounded. The first question to address is the popularity of video. This is blatantly obvious as YouTube recently announced that 72 hours of video was being uploaded to their site every minute.
Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57438332-93/youtube-users-uploading-72-hours-of-video-each-minute/
With video being so popular with creators and viewers alike it stands to reason that business owners should get in on the action. There’s no doubt that with millions of eager and insatiable eyeballs actively watching video on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social, video distribution and video sharing sites, it’s certainly a marketing channel to be reckoned with.
So the first question is easily answered. There is definitely a demand for video. The second point is whether a video will benefit a small business. And the answer to that one is quite obvious too. Any exposure for your business is going to be of benefit as long as it is done positively. Whilst on a positive note, there is some evidence to suggest that Google rewards websites that include video content.
Again, this stands to reason as Google owns YouTube, and therefore place a higher level of importance on video content, perhaps because it is much more engaging than plain old text type information. A video message gets watched and listened to more readily and is therefore more acceptable than having to read paragraphs of written information.
It’s much easier also to get a video sales message across to the billions of smart phone users and other mobile device owners. So the case is building…
To dispel one of the myths about video production and marketing, you have only to look at how these costs have plummeted in recent years. One the major players in low-cost video production is BusyVids, a UK based video production and marketing company, which specialises in creating videos for the smaller business.
BusyVids’ CEO, Bill Knight explains, “Many small business owners don’t like to openly admit that they are unsure about how to use video to promote their businesses, so we offer them a low-cost option and help them to get started. We make screen-cast videos based on the company’s website content so we don’t have to visit the business premises or interview anyone. It’s all done remotely and so this keeps the cost down.”
With many videos now appearing in Google’s general search results, it would appear to be a wise move for business owners to get in now on this fast moving marketing opportunity. It’s obviously cheaper and easier than many business owners might at first think, and with so many ways to promote a business video, there’s no excuse for not joining the video revolution and start benefiting from its powerful presence.
Online Video Production Company Provides Small Business Video Marketing Solution
The web video production company, BusyVids, continues to achieve success with its unique production and marketing techniques. The company creates corporate videos, video ads and promotional videos, which features the client’s website content. This content includes existing images and copy, which are highlighted throughout the video.
There’s also some evidence to suggest that the videos produced by BusyVids help with SEO. This is because a valuable backlink to the client’s website is included in the video’s descriptive text. Clients are also encouraged to add the finished video to a page on their website as Google clearly values video content.
As video becomes more and more popular with search engines and search traffic alike, the importance of video as a tool for marketing a business has never been so important. The benefits of video over descriptive text are obvious, so with the addition of audio voiceover and backing music, video has the power to out-perform the humble static website.
It would be incredulous for any serious business owner to underestimate the reach and value of using video in any kind marketing campaign, business promotion, corporate presentation or product launch. For building brand awareness video wins hands down and for the promotion of products and services there’s just no comparison.
BusyVids’ general manager Bill Knight said, “We offer the smaller business an opportunity to get involved with, and benefit from, video marketing at a fraction of the cost currently being offered by the larger film studios. We create screencast videos of the client’s website so there’s no need for the client to get too involved in the production, other than to liaise over the content for the voiceover script. The whole seamless process allows the client to continue with normal business operations, whilst their marketing video is created with the minimum of fuss or disruption.”
Bill Knight added, “The completed videos are then uploaded to the major video sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe and Dailymotion and our unique marketing techniques ensures the video receives targeted views. This is usually achieved through links to our own high ranking video channels. Many of out client’s videos are now showing up in general search results, which increases targeted traffic flow to their websites.”
According to Bruce Daisley, a YouTube and Google employee, a predicted 90% of all future online content will be video by 2013. The actual current YouTube stats are amazing by any standards: http://www.reelseo.com/youtube-statistics-growth-2012/
The proof is out there. Online video is here to stay and will continue to evolve into a mainstream marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. To find out more about the benefits of video for small business visit: www.busyvids.co.uk
Video Production & Marketing Company Now Offers Free Backlinks
The online video production and marketing company, BusyVids.co.uk has added a further marketing service to its already impressive list. This time it comes in the form of backlinks to its clients’ websites, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that BusyVids is offering this additional service completely free of charge.

The company has already carved out a strong foothold in the lucrative video marketing niche, offering low-cost video production based on screencasts of its client’s websites. They also produce presentations based solely on images using the MS Powerpoint application software, which integrates seamlessly with the now famous Camtasia Studio platform.

Part of the company’s service involves marketing its client’s completed video production to YouTube, Metacafe and Dailymotion, which represent three of the main players in video sharing and hosting. Video views are generated through the company’s own video channels, and as a result of its premium article circulation.

In a recent interview BusyVids CEO Bill Knight said, “We are committed to offering our clients the ultimate experience from our bespoke video marketing services, and our latest addition to SEO is entirely for the client’s benefit, as we strive to over-deliver on value.”

He added, “Video marketing isn’t just about getting a video on YouTube, it’s about getting valuable backlinks to the client’s website, helping to increase the one-way flow of quality targeted traffic and to promote awareness of our client’s products and services. The additional free backlinks to our client’s websites will ensure they get a maximum return for their minimum investment.”

The quality free backlinks are generated from PR1 to PR6 Wiki, .edu and .gov websites, which are favoured by Google and the other major search engines. It would appear that BusyVids are intent on dominating the small business video marketing arena, and this extended service is bound to be well received by many small business owners nationwide.

BusyVids claim to have more than 100 video clients since the company’s launch in April 2011, and with video marketing now gathering momentum within the small business sector that figure is set to rise sharply over the coming months.

Video has captured the imagination of website owners all over the country, who represent a vast array of businesses, as a definitive means of marketing their products and services. Thanks to video sharing and social media sites, video marketing presents a serious challenge to the powerful TV advertising agencies but without the hefty price tag.

There’s no doubt that video has helped level the playing field in terms of marketing, and has the potential to offer the small business owner as much clout as his biggest rival. And it’s still early days!

For contact details and more information about BusyVids and their range of marketing services for small business, visit their website: http://www.busyvids.co.uk.
Short Videos For Business Marketing Is Key To Making A Big Impression
All over the internet video is making a huge impact on business advertising, marketing, branding and as a major traffic generator for websites. Many SEO consultants have seen how powerful video is for creating backlinks, and so many now recommend videos as part of the overall marketing strategy for their clients.
Now there are videos and then there are videos, which simply means there are videos of all types of quality and of course a whole range of prices, in terms of having a video created. Some small business owners are able to create their own but many small businesses would prefer to outsource this work to people who know just what they’re doing.
The surprising thing about videos for marketing on the internet is that they don’t have to be high-tech, four figure lavish studio productions. They can be low budget productions and still get huge viewing figures. One company, BusyVids, creates 1-3 minute screencast productions, which focus on the content of a company website. These videos come with professional voiceovers and quality audio backing tracks, and at less than £100.00, represent excellent value for money.
Just recently BusyVids has begun to offer even cheaper options based entirely on short text, images and preset audio for less than £15.00 each. Of course these videos are quite short, ranging from about 10 seconds up to about 60 seconds for the £24.99 productions.
However for any small business wanting to make a big impression these videos deserve some serious consideration.
In a recent interview BusyVids MD, Bill Knight explained, “We created a new website to launch this new HD video service, which now runs alongside our main video production and marketing service. The new short video service, which we have named “Classic Video Intros”, has been very well received by small business owners, who have been quick to see how powerful they are and at such a low cost can easily include them into their marketing programme.”
The new website features 12 examples, any of which can be selected, and ordered right off the page. There are plans to increase the options later this year and introduce a few themed videos in time for Christmas.
To learn more about these low-cost, high quality, dynamic HD video productions for business, visit the company’s website at: http://www.classicvideointros.com.
Would Your Website Content Pass The Treacle Test?
What on earth is the treacle test? It’s stickiness of course. And it refers to your website content. What it actually means is… does the content on your website make your site visitors want to stick around and read, watch, engage, participate, subscribe and buy?
Keeping visitors on your website is of paramount importance especially if you want to show them something, tell them something or demonstrate something. The longer you can keep your visitors interested in your content the better the chances you have of making them buy something or subscribe to your list or email you or call you.
One of the best ways to keep someone on your site is to get them to watch a video. People will watch videos all day long but not many will read every word of your content. However, some will read over your content only if it contains the information they are looking for and as long as it is well written copy.
Well written copy means good English grammar and perfect punctuation. Far too many website owners either write copy purely for the search engines or spend as little as they can on having content written for them, in the mistaken belief that more is better. The fact is… less is more if it is good quality.
For many people the sight of badly written copy is a big turn off. It simple says you don’t care enough about your customers, so why would you expect them to stick around any longer than they need to. First impressions always count and if you don’t inform, excite and educate your visitor with your well written copy then they will be gone forever.
A mix of good copy with a “stop ‘em dead in their tracks” headline, a short but engaging video and a clear call to action is all that’s needed to give yourself a fair chance of converting visitors into buyers.
In a recent interview one the UK’s top Direct Response copywriters, Bill Knight said, “Many business owners still can’t get out of the habit of thinking it’s all about them, with their “Established 30 years” tag lines and their “We are second to none” boasts. As soon as they realise that in business, it’s all about the customer, then the sooner they will turn their fortunes around.”
He went on, “Many companies will spend a small fortune on SEO copy in an effort to get better search engine ranking, which is fine, but it also has to make sense to the human reader. So, a compromise is needed, but never compromise on quality.”
Great quality content and video engagement are the two most vitally important elements for online success. Get sticky and get more customers. Get free sticky advice here: www.knight-writer.co.uk
Video Production Company Launch New Animated Video Sales Letter
The small business video production and video marketing company, BusyVids, has launched a new video service to compliment their existing range of video based offerings.
This time it is in the form of an Animated Video Sales Letter. The video sales letter is an extension of the web page sales letter, where sales copy is used to promote a product or service. The actual video can be situated above the web page content and used in addition to, or instead of the text.
The main benefits of using a video sales letter is the site visitor is treated to watching the text appear on the video as it is being read. So the message is designed to appeal to both audio and visual senses simultaneously.
This ingenious marketing method is both totally engaging and stimulating. The video sales letter can be further enhanced by adding backing music, sound effects, drawings and images.
In a recent interview, BusyVids MD Bill Knight said, “As a marketing company we are always looking for better ways to attract and retain a visitor’s attention to our client’s web pages, and ultimately promote the products and services they are offering. The video sales letter can do it all. We can make them as interesting and as informative as we want them to be. There are simply no limits.”
He added, “The video sales letter is not just for sales messages, the technique can be used to communicate any type of information about any type of product or service. It’s time to get imaginative. One thing is for sure though, this new technique is going to revolutionise the way we engage with our customers online. Savvy business owners can easily see the potential and the opportunities with this.”
A short “beta version” of a demonstration video has just been released outlining some of the features of this new service and can seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Or-kwcvHQI
For further information and pricing, contact the company: www.busyvids.co.uk or call 01275 837577 
Video Advertising & Marketing Company Getting Results For Small Businesses
The small UK based video production, advertising and marketing company, BusyVids, is bucking the trend and finding it much easier to find many new clients for their exciting range of services. This is due to the overwhelming success of its high ranking short video productions.

Recent videos, which have gone straight into Google's search pages, are attracting lots of attention from a large range of diverse business sectors, subsequently boosting orders for the vibrant video company.

The low-cost HD productions are dominating search results in the search engines and the video sharing websites, especially Youtube, with which BusyVids have several channels.

In a recent interview, Managing Director Bill Knight said, "Our HD video productions represent unbelievable value for money when compared to other forms of online advertising and marketing. Our skilled technicians are able to keep costs low due to their efficiency and expertise in utilising the various video and audio software programs that we use in the business."

He also added, "Small businesses are now realising that video is the way forward for effective advertising, and we're more than ready to meet the challenge. Even small local businesses can benefit from video marketing, which is now much cheaper than placing an ad in the classifieds section of their local newspaper."

There's no doubt that video is making a big impact in online marketing and is now becoming much more accessible to mobile devices too. Also, the fact that videos are so engaging makes them the ideal medium for delivering sales and marketing messages, together with building brand awareness and increasing exposure.

It would be very difficult to find any negatives about video marketing, especially now that costs are so low.

To find out more about video production and marketing services for small business, visit the company's website at: www.busyvids.co.uk 
Small Business Video Production & Marketing Company Reports Steady Growth
The small business production and marketing company, BusyVids UK, has forecast a bumper year ahead after seeing a steady rise in profits for the first quarter due to their recent expansion programme. The company has recently engaged the services of a specialist external marketing agency to help with the additional workload.
Most of the additional work involves providing specific information to the vast range of diverse business owners, who seem eager to get onboard and experience the new opportunities, which are now opening due to the rise in popularity of video marketing.
In a recent interview, Managing Director Bill Knight said, “There’s been a surge of interest in video marketing just recently and we have had to look outside of our operation for additional help in providing customers with the information and advice they need. Video production is not something you can very easily sell right off the shelf, and it’s understandable that customers should be inquisitive about how the process works.”
Video marketing is becoming increasing popular with small business owners as a means for promoting their goods and services online. And as video can cater for just about every type of business imaginable, then it’s no wonder demand is high.
According to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words in terms of marketing value. That equates to 3600 web pages or about 150 days of actual time spent writing.
It is also reported that 100 million people worldwide watch online videos every single day. And according to ComScore, the online statistics company, the average internet user spends almost 17 minutes a month watching video ads.
It seems people actually enjoy watching video ads as opposed to those who registered a distinct dislike for TV ads. The Online Publishers Association has reported that 80% of internet users could recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days.
Of that 80%, 46% of users took some action after viewing the video ad. 26% looked for more information about the subject of the video, 22% visited the website named in the ad, 15% visited the company represented in the video ad, and 12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad.
ComScore also reported that internet users who visited a website that had video content, spent at least 2 minutes longer on the website than if the site did not have video.
According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. About 65% of those who viewed a video clicked through to visit the vendor website, 50% looked for more information and 45% reported that they contacted a vendor after seeing an online video ad. About 50% of those who viewed an online marketing video went on to make a purchase for their business.
The stats are stacking up in favour of video marketing, which seems destined to become the primary method for delivering effective advertising.
To find out more about BusyVids UK and the video services they offer visit their UK website at www.busyvids.co.uk 
Small Business Online Video Production & Marketing - Latest News
The small business video production and marketing company, BusyVids, who create low-cost advertising videos, have celebrated their second birthday with the announcement of a new extended video service. The company has been promoting short HD 3D video intros from its website, ClassicVideosIntros.com, as an optional extra, but is now poised to offer this add-on service free to all clients who purchase a 3-minute video ad.
BusyVids create 3-minute marketing videos for their clients, which includes a professional voiceover and soundtrack and then they upload them to Youtube and other video sharing websites. Once these videos are placed into the company’s specialised marketing system they begin to receive free traffic from Youtube.
The videos are all content rich and so more than 95% of them go on to get ranked in Google’s search pages, with many attaining a position on page one for selected keywords and keyword phrases. Astonishingly, a typical video production can show up in Google’s top ranking search pages within 24 hours. This can obviously make a big impact for small business owners who would otherwise not achieve any credible rating for their websites.
Now, with the addition of a Dynamic, High Definition 3D intro, BusyVids aim to ensure that their client’s videos really do get noticed and plan to get 99% of all video productions showing in Google’s coveted top ten positions on the all-important page one.
In a recent statement, company CEO Bill Knight said, “At BusyVids we strive to deliver quality HD video productions at very affordable prices because we know there is no better content than video. Video offers visual presentation together with vocal delivery and audio backing in the form of music. No static website can do anywhere near as much, and as they are so very affordable our clients come back regularly for more.”
He added, “Now with the addition of a Dynamic 3D intro the video has a new powerful dimension to offer the viewer, making the presentation all the more engaging. The 3D video intro is like the headline on a sales letter, only in this case you watch it and then wait with baited breath for the “movie” to begin. We are adding these intros at no additional cost because we believe in delivering real value, and we intend to continue our goal in building a huge client base.”
The company is definitely doing all it says on the tin, as it continues to grow and reach out into niche territories previously uncharted. They can now boast amongst their growing list of clients, a psychic healer, an astrologer and a palm reader. The company say they now have more than 250 clients and that number is set to rise sharply as their new marketing team accelerate their efforts and get to grips with demand.
A success story in the making? Well, video is certainly making an impact on the internet, both as a means of entertainment and as an effective vehicle for the delivery of product and service advertising. And there’s no sign of it slowing down any day soon.
For more information about BusyVids and the services they offer visit their UK website at: www.busyvids.co.uk 
Small Business Video Marketing Company Gets Dynamic With 3D HD Videos
The small business video production and marketing company, BusyVids, has announced it is offering a low cost 3D High Definition video for small businesses. The company already creates Screen Capture videos, Powerpoint Presentation videos, Whiteboard videos, Explainer videos, Animated Hand Scribe videos and Tutorial videos.

The latest offering in the range is more suitable for showcasing products and services via photos and with a backing soundtrack but without the usual voiceover. These dynamic videos are totally engaging and can be great way for small businesses to promote their products and services on Youtube or just have the videos embedded on their websites.

In a recent statement BusyVids CEO Bill Knight said, "This is just another option for small businesses to consider alongside their video marketing campaigns. We now offer small business owners several exciting ways, in which they can put their products and services right in front of their target market audiences. Everyone loves video and it's fast becoming the most adopted means of advertising on the internet."

He added, "Some of our most successful clients have experienced how powerful this marketing method really is and have signed up to have videos created on a monthly basis. This is also a new option, which has been very well received."

This is an exciting time for video marketing as more and more people are searching video content for information about products and services they want to buy. It's obviously much easier to watch a video demonstration of a product or service in action than it is to read about it and then try to picture how it works.

Busyvids have released a real live example of a 3D High Definition video they recently created for a client so that new clients can see how it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw_q_AGpHNE

More examples are on the UK BusyVids website at: www.busyvids.co.uk

Or email them at info@busyvids.co.uk or call 01275 837 577 for more information. 
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